Yale English Monarchs series

The Yale English Monarchs series is a series of biographies on English and British kings and queens, published by Yale University Press. The books are written by some of the leading experts within their respective fields, incorporating the latest historical research. Several books in the English Monarchs series have previously also been published by the University of California Press, though the series is today in the hands of Yale University Press. A volume for Alfred the Great was in preparation by Dorothy Whitelock, who died before the work was completed. It has never been published.

The following table shows books published or forthcoming per 2011. Unless otherwise stated, the given regnal name also makes up the book title. The date given is the original publishing date of each book. Titles published by the University of California Press are in italics. Included in the list are also intervening monarchs on whom no books have been published yet.

Monarch Reign Author Date Notes
AEthelstan924 - 939Sarah Foot2011Published under the title AEthelstan: The First King of England.
Edward the Confessor1042–1066Frank Barlow1970Re-published in 1997, with new material, an updated bibliography and a fresh introduction.
Harold Godwinson1066–1066
William I1066–1087David C. Douglas1964Published under the title William the Conqueror: The Norman Impact upon England.
William II1087–1100Frank Barlow1983Published under the title William Rufus.
Henry I1100–1135C. Warren Hollister2001Incomplete at the time of the author's death in 1997. Edited and completed by Amanda Clark Frost.
King Stephen1135–1154Edmund King2011
Henry II1154–1189W. L. Warren1973Re-published by Yale in 2000, with a new foreword by Judith A. Green.
Richard I1189–1199John Gillingham1999
King John1199–1216W. L. Warren1982
Henry III1216–1272
Edward I1272–1307Michael Prestwich1997
Edward II1307–1327J. R. S. Phillips2010
Edward III1327–1377W.M. Ormrod2011
Richard II1377–1399Nigel Saul1997
Henry IV1399–1413Chris Given-Wilson 2016
Henry V1413–1422Christopher Allmand1992
Henry VI1422–1461
Bertram Wolffe1981Re-published in 2001, with a new foreword by John L. Watts.
Edward IV1461–1470
Charles Ross1974Re-published in 1997, with a substantial new foreword by Ralph A. Griffiths.
Edward V1483–1483
Richard III1483–1485Charles Ross1981Re-published in 2011, with a new foreword by Ralph A. Griffiths.
Henry VII1485–1509S.B. Chrimes1972Re-published in 1999, with a new introduction and bibliographical updating by George Bernard.
Henry VIII1509–1547J. J. Scarisbrick1968Re-published in 1997, with an updated foreword by author J.J. Scarisbrick.
Edward VI1547–1553Jennifer Loach1999Incomplete at the time of the author's death in 1995. Edited and completed by George Bernard and Penry Williams.
Mary I1553–1558John Edwards2011Published under the title Mary I: England's Catholic Queen.
Elizabeth I1558–1603Simon Adams2013Published under the title Elizabeth I: A Biography.
James I1603–1625
Charles I1625–1649
Charles II1660–1685
James II1685–1688John Miller1978
Mary II1689–1694
William III1689–1702
Queen Anne1702–1714Edward Gregg1980Re-published in 2001, with a new foreword by the author.
George I1714–1727Ragnhild Hatton2001Originally published in 1978.[1] Yale edition contains a new foreword by Jeremy Black.
George II1727–1760Andrew C. Thompson2011Published under the title George II: King and Elector.
George III1760–1820Jeremy Black2006Published under the title George III: America's Last King.
George IV1820–1830E. A. Smith1999
William IV1830–1837
Queen Victoria1837–1901
Edward VII1901–1910
George V1910–1936
Edward VIII1936–1936
George VI1936–1952
Elizabeth II1952 –


  1. As George I: Elector and King. London: Thames and Hudson. 1978. ISBN 0-500-25060-X.

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