Xiao Zixian

A page from a Ming Dynasty edition of the Book of Qi by Xiao Zixian.

Xiao Zixian (simplified Chinese: 萧子显; traditional Chinese: 蕭子顯; pinyin: Xiāo Zǐ Xiǎn, 489–537), courtesy name Jingyang (景陽), formally Viscount Jiao of Ningdu (寧都驕子), was a historian and author,[1] best known for producing the Book of Qi.[2]


Xiao Zixian produced the following books:


Xiao Zixian's grandfather was Xiao Daocheng (Emperor Gao of Southern Qi), and his father was Emperor Gao's second son Xiao Ni the Prince of Yuzhang.[2]


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