xdisciplex a.d.
Background information
Also known as xdisciplex, disciple, xDisciplex (AD)
Origin Erie, PA, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Christian hardcore[1]
Thrash metal[1]
hardcore punk[1]
Christian metal[1]
Years active 1995–2004
Labels Goodfellow, Triple Crown, Facedown, I Scream, Angelskin Media, Goodlife
Associated acts Jesus Wept, No Innocent Victim, Anchor, Dodgin' Bullets, Shockwave, Riot Head[2]
Past members Dan Quiggle
Dave Quiggle
Adam Salaga
Neil Hartman
Brian Oborski
Joe Vogel
Sean Sundy
Jon Beckman
Matt Salusky

xDISCIPLEx A.D.(or xdisciplex a.d.) was a straight edge Christian hardcore band from Erie, PA.

Formerly xdisciplex or disciple, the band had to change its name to avoid legal actions due to a prior established band named Disciple.[3] They released albums with Goodfellow Records, Triple Crown Records and Facedown Records.

After they disbanded, Dan Quiggle, Dave Quiggle, and Adam Salaga started another band called Jesus Wept,[4] while Neil Hartman joined No Innocent Victim.[5] Dave Quiggle moved to California during the summer of 2005 and also joined No Innocent Victim and works for Facedown Records doing design.[6]

Members of xDISCIPLEx A.D. also played in the bands Anchor, Dodgin' Bullets and Shockwave.


Last Known Lineup


Studio albums


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