Wulfhilde of Saxony

Wulfhilde Billung of Saxony

Henry IX of Bavaria and Wulfhild of Saxony
Spouse(s) Henry IX, Duke of Bavaria
Noble family House of Billung
Father Magnus, Duke of Saxony
Mother Sophia of Hungary
Born 1072
Died 29 December 1126(1126-12-29)
Weingarten Abbey

Wulfhilde Billung of Saxony (1072 29 December 1126 in Weingarten Abbey) was the eldest daughter of Magnus, Duke of Saxony and his wife, Sophia of Hungary.

She married Duke Henry IX of Bavaria. As a result of this marriage, part of the Billung possessions came into the hands of the House of Guelph. They had the following children:

Wulfhilde died in 1126 and was buried at Weingarten Abbey.

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