Wrestling at the 1920 Summer Olympics

At the 1920 Summer Olympics, ten wrestling events were contested, for all men. There were five weight classes in Greco-Roman wrestling and five classes in Catch as Catch Can, predecessor to freestyle wrestling. The competitions were held from Monday, August 16 to Friday, August 20, 1920 (Greco-Roman) and from Wednesday, August 25 to Friday, August 27, 1920 (freestyle).

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
 Oskari Friman (FIN)  Heikki Kähkönen (FIN)  Fritiof Svensson (SWE)
 Emil Väre (FIN)  Taavi Tamminen (FIN)  Frithjof Andersen (NOR)
 Carl Westergren (SWE)  Arthur Lindfors (FIN)  Masa Perttilä (FIN)
Light heavyweight
 Claes Johanson (SWE)  Edil Rosenqvist (FIN)  Johannes Eriksen (DEN)
 Adolf Lindfors (FIN)  Poul Hansen (DEN)  Martti Nieminen (FIN)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
 Charles Ackerly (USA)  Sam Gerson (USA)  Philip Bernard (GBR)
 Kalle Anttila (FIN)  Gottfrid Svensson (SWE)  Peter Wright (GBR)
 Eino Leino (FIN)  Väinö Penttala (FIN)  Charley Johnson (USA)
Light heavyweight
 Anders Larsson (SWE)  Charles Courant (SUI)  Walter Maurer (USA)
 Robert Roth (SUI)  Nat Pendleton (USA)  Fred Meyer (USA)
 Ernst Nilsson (SWE)

Participating nations

A total of 152 wrestlers from 19 nations competed at the Antwerp Games:[1]

Medal table

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Finland (FIN) 5 5 2 12
2  Sweden (SWE) 3 1 2 6
3  United States (USA) 1 2 3 6
4  Switzerland (SUI) 1 1 0 2
5  Denmark (DEN) 0 1 1 2
6  Great Britain (GBR) 0 0 2 2
7  Norway (NOR) 0 0 1 1
Total 10 10 11 31

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