Wrath of the Seas

Wrath of the Seas
Directed by Graham Hewett
Manfred Noa
Produced by Lothar Stark
Written by Margarete-Maria Langen
Willy Rath
Starring Bernhard Goetzke
Agnes Esterhazy
Nils Asther
Hans Albers
Music by Felix Bartsch
Cinematography Otto Kanturek
Bruno Timm
Lothar Stark-Film
Release dates
December 1926
Running time
97 minutes
Country Germany
Language Silent
German intertitles

Wrath of the Seas or When Fleet Meets Fleet (German:Die versunkene Flotte) is a 1926 German silent war film directed by Graham Hewett and Manfred Noa and starring Bernhard Goetzke, Agnes Esterhazy and Nils Asther.[1] It portrays the Imperial German Navy during the First World War, particularly the Battle of Jutland.


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