Working Holiday!

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Working Holiday!
Compilation album
Released 12 December 1994
Recorded 1992-1993 (disc one) and 1994 (disc two)
Genre Indie rock
Language English
Label Simple Machines
Compiler Jenny Toomey, Kristin Thomson
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Working Holiday! is a compilation album released on the Simple Machines label in 1994. It is a collection of tracks by American indie bands which were originally released on a series of 12 7" singles by Simple Machines as part of the Working Holiday monthly record club starting from December 1992. Each song was intended to commemorate a holiday in the month it was released. Subscribers to the record club were also sent a calendar showing the holidays, and a specially made 7" single carrying box.

A limited edition of the Working Holiday! album contained a second disc of live performances from a three-day live music festival held in January 1994 at The Black Cat in Washington D.C. to celebrate the completion of the Working Holiday series. The 20-page CD booklet issued with all editions of the album contains a detailed and illustrated account of the record club project and the live music festival.

Track listing

Disc 1 - 7"s on Holiday!

  1. 11:59 It's January - Scrawl
  2. Tin Foil Star - Versus
  3. Abraham Lincoln - Lungfish
  4. James Brown - The Tinklers
  5. Ides - Codeine
  6. Working Holiday - The Coctails
  7. Roll Away the Stone - Eggs
  8. Christmas Trees Everywhere - Jonny Cohen
  9. Saints Above - Veronica Lake
  10. Where Is Our Reason - My Dad Is Dead
  11. Kiss Me - Rastro!
  12. Another Child Bride - Nothing Painted Blue
  13. Indie - Lois
  14. If You Hurt Me - Small Factory
  15. Kidding on the Square - Tsunami
  16. Falk - Jawbox
  17. Back to School - Crackerbash
  18. Under the Ground - Grifters
  19. Coalmine #666 - Crain
  20. A Penny for the Guy - Pitchblende
  21. Night of the Chill Blue - Superchunk
  22. Winter's Come - Caterpillar

Disc 2 - Live tracks from the Working Holiday Weekend with MC Jason Noble

  1. Hello!
  2. Big Puffy Girl Handwriting - Danielle Howle
  3. Fun Fun Fun in the Sun Sun Sun - The Tinklers
  4. Not Coe - David Greenberger
  5. Whoopsy Daisy - The Coctails
  6. Broken Heart of a Neutron Star - Crain
  7. Flax - Pitchblende
  8. Why am I so tired all the time? - Eggs
  9. Might - Archers of Loaf
  10. From the Curve - Superchunk
  11. Newspaper - Tsunami
  12. Rubberman - Jonny Cohen
  13. The Girl with the Carrot Skin - Bricks
  14. Lady Putney - Caterpillar
  15. Big Things, Little Things - Rodan
  16. Sleeping through the Jane Pratt Show - Franklin Bruno
  17. Hacienda - Versus

Artwork by Archer Prewitt. Disc 2 recorded January 7, 8, 9 1994 at The Black Cat by Bob Weston, Geoff Turner and Charles Bennington.


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