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The Work Research Institute (WRI) (Norwegian: Arbeidsforskningsinstituttet, AFI), formerly known as the Institute of Work Psychology, is a Norwegian government-owned social science research institute in Oslo. Its purpose is to "produce systematic knowledge on working life" based on industrial and organizational psychology and other social sciences. It was an independent state-owned research institute from its establishment in 1964 until 2014, when it became part of Oslo and Akershus University College.


The institute was founded in 1964, originally named the Institute of Work Psychology (Arbeidspsykologisk institutt), as one of several institutes which together made up the Work Research Institutes. In 1986, the Institute of Work Psychology became a fully independent institute and renamed the Work Research Institute, and the other institutes shortly after became the National Institute of Occupational Health.[1]

The institute was organized as a government agency under the Ministry of Labour and Government Administration until 2002, when it became a wholly owned governmental limited company, since 2005 administered by the Ministry of Education and Research. In 2014, it merged with Oslo and Akershus University College. It is currently part of the Centre for Welfare and Labour Research at Oslo and Akershus University College, together with the sister institute Norwegian Social Research.

The current director of WRI is sociologist Arild H. Steen. In addition, there are three research directors. The board of directors is chaired by Steinar Stjernø. The institute publishes series of reports, occasional papers and monographs.[2]

The institute's history is linked to the action research tradition where partaking in development work is central.



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