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Wop is a pejorative slur used to describe Italians, or people of Italian descent.[1]


According to Merriam-Webster its first known use was in the United States in 1908.[2] The dictionary is unambiguous that it originates from a southern Italian dialect term guappo, meaning thug, derived from the Spanish term guapo, meaning handsome, via dialectical French, meaning ruffian or pimp.[3] It also has roots in the Latin vappa, meaning wine gone flat.[2]

A false etymology sometimes promulgated is that "wop" is an acronym that comes from "without passport"[4][5] or "without papers."[5][6] The term has nothing to do with immigration documents which were not required by U.S. immigration officers until 1918, long after the term came into use in the United States.[5] Further, turning acronyms into words did not become common practice until after World War II, with the practice accelerating with the growth of the United States Space Program and the Cold War.[4]

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