For the Dutch student society, see Menschen Vereeniging Wolbodo.

Saint Wolbodo (c. 950 20 April 1021) was the bishop of Liège from 1018 to 1021.

St. Wolbodo's day is celebrated on 21 April.


Wolbodo probably descended from a Flemish noble family. He was educated at the Domschool in Utrecht. In 1012 he became head teacher there.


After his death Wolbodo was honoured as a saint. He is the patron saint of students. In Delft the student society Menschen Vereeniging Wolbodo has been named after him.

Saint Wolbodo Seminary[1] based in Washington, DC is also named after him. Saint Wolbodo Seminary is the national seminary for the North American Old Catholic Church. As of 2012, prior to the dissolution of the NAOCC, St. Wolbodo's was defunct, and the church was seeking alignment with more traditional, established seminaries. The successor denomination, Old Catholic Church of the Americas, as a confederated polity, and formation is left to individual dioceses according to shared, common standards.


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