Wojciech Jastrzębiec


Wojciech of Jastrzębiec (c. 1362–1436) was a Polish mediaeval politician and religious leader. A bishop of Cracow and Poznań, he also held prominent posts at the court of the king Władysław II of Poland.

Initially a chancellor to king Jadwiga of Poland and one of the advisors to the king Władysław, on 26 April 1399 he was ordained an archbishop of Gniezno and hence Primate of Poland. However, he gave up that post on the king's insistence.

Wojciech authored numerous religious works and became the person to crown king Władysław III of Poland in the Wawel Cathedral on 25 July 1434.


Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Mikołaj II Trąba
Primate of Poland
Archbishop of Gniezno

Succeeded by
Wincenty II Kot

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