Wisdom in Chains

Wisdom in Chains
Origin Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Genres Hardcore punk, Oi!
Years active 2002—present
Labels I Scream
Associated acts Krutch, Daredevil, The Ninth Plague, Out To Win, Mushmouth

Wisdom in Chains is an American hardcore punk band based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Originally, Wisdom in Chains started as an international collaboration between members of Daredevil in the Netherlands and members of Krutch in the United States. Maarten, guitarist of Daredevil (Dutch hardcore band), contacted Mad Joe Black and Richie Krutch, who were both in Krutch at the time, about forming a hardcore band with heavy punk and oi! influences. In September 2001 Maarten came to the U.S. for a recording session with Mad Joe, Richie, and Shawn (drummer for Krutch). The tracks recorded during this session were eventually released in 2003 on GSR as the band's self-titled debut. After Out To Win/Mushmouth disbanded, Richie and Mad Joe decided to restart Wisdom in Chains and, after receiving Maarten's blessing for the project, recruited a new American line-up. Apart from Richie and Mad Joe, the new line-up included Tony Meltdown from The Ninth Plague on guitar, Shannon from Out To Win/Mushmouth on drums, and Greg "Big Show", a local Stroudsburg musician, on bass. With this line up they would record their first official full length "Die Young". This lineup remained stable for the band's next several full length and minor releases. During this period the band began to develop its sound by incorporating various metal, crossover, and hard rock elements into its songs. However, after the completion of "Everything You Know" longtime member Tony Meltdown left the band for personal reasons. Soon after the release of the "Pocono Ghosts" 7", longtime member Greg "Big Show" also left the band due to an injury. They were replaced by Evan, from Mad Joe's old band Feeble, on bass and Mav, from Richie's old band Krutch, on Guitar.


The band's name is taken from the lyrics of a song by the New York hardcore band Killing Time. "Wisdom", from Killing Time's 1989 debut full-length album, Brightside, opens with, "Wisdom in chains, unlocked too late".

Current members

Past members


Studio Albums

2003Wisdom in ChainsGangstyle
2005Die YoungSpook City
2007Class WarEulogy
2009Everything You KnowI Scream Records
2012The Missing LinksI Scream Records
2015The God RhythmFast Break! Records

Extended plays

2006Vigilante SaintA389
2011Pocono GhostsReaper Records

Split EP's

2007Split with Injury TimeRucktion


Year Name Label
2007 Die for Us DVD

Universal Warning Records

See below.

"Die for Us" DVD contains live material (14 songs) recorded at show from May 2006 at Backstage Enterprises in Kingston, Pennsylvania, interview with Mad Joe Black and a three song recording from live performance at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.


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