Winseler seen from Schëllerfeld

Coat of arms

Map of Luxembourg with Winseler highlighted in orange, and the canton in dark red
Coordinates: 49°58′00″N 5°53′00″E / 49.9667°N 5.8833°E / 49.9667; 5.8833Coordinates: 49°58′00″N 5°53′00″E / 49.9667°N 5.8833°E / 49.9667; 5.8833
Country  Luxembourg
Canton Wiltz
  Mayor Romain Schroeder
  Total 30.42 km2 (11.75 sq mi)
Area rank 22nd of 105
Highest elevation 520 m (1,710 ft)
  Rank 13th of 105
Lowest elevation 320 m (1,050 ft)
  Rank 102nd of 105
Population (2014)
  Total 1,107
  Rank 95th of 105
  Density 36/km2 (94/sq mi)
  Density rank 101st of 105
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
LAU 2 LU00005011

Winseler (Luxembourgish: Wanseler) is a commune and village in north-western Luxembourg.

Administrative organization and population

It is part of the canton of Wiltz, which is part of the district of Diekirch.

As of 2005, the village of Winseler, which lies in the east of the commune, has a population of 120. The municipality (commune)[1] of Winseler has a population of 1116 and is composed by several villages, namely Doncols, Noertrange, Berlé, Grummelscheid, Pommerlach, Schleif, and Sonlez. The Mayor for his second term is Romain Schroeder and his municipal Council is completed by Charel Pauly, Aly Stelmes, Christophe Hansen (politician), Paul Kayser, Marco Schmitz and Roland Esch.[2]

Other towns within the commune

Other towns within the commune include Berlé, Doncols, Noertrange, Pommerloch, Grummelscheid, Schleif and Sonlez.

Linguistic background

Like Lasauvage in the south of Luxembourg, Doncols and Sonlez, were formerly known as French-speaking (or, strictly, in their cases, Walloon-speaking) villages.

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