William d'Aubigny (died 1139)

William d'Aubigny
Spouse(s) Maud Bigod


William d'Aubigny, 1st Earl of Arundel
Nigel d'Aubigny
Oliver d'Aubigny
Roland d'Aubigny
Oliva d'Aubigny
Father Roger d'Aubigny
Mother Amice
Died 1139
Occupation Master butler of the Royal household
This article is about William d'Aubigny "Pincerna" who died in 1139. For his son, who was also called "Pincerna", see William d'Aubigny, 1st Earl of Arundel.

William d'Aubigny (died 1139[1]), also called William de Albini or William d'Albini and known as Pincerna,[lower-alpha 1] was an Anglo-Norman nobleman. He was lord of the manor of Old Buckenham Castle in Norfolk, England.[1]

Life and career

William was the son of Roger d'Aubigny and his wife, Amice; one of their other children was Nigel d'Aubigny.[2] William served the household of Henry I of England as "Pincerna" (butler), and fought at the Battle of Tinchebrai.[1] He founded Wymondham Priory (later Wymondham Abbey) in 1107.[3]


William married Maud Bigod, daughter of Roger Bigod of Norfolk in 1107. She brought an unusually high dowry to the match for a woman of the Anglo-Norman aristocracy who was not an heiress, 10 knights' fees.[4] They were the parents of the following children:[5]

  1. William d'Aubigny (died 1176), became Earl of Arundel
  2. Nele d'Aubigny or Nigel d'Aubigny
  3. Oliver d'Aubigny
  4. Roland d'Aubigny (attributed)
  5. Oliva d'Aubigny, married Ralph de la Haye


  1. The title or nickname "Pincerna" referred to the master butler of the Royal household.


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