William Tombleson

Shepperton, Middlesex

William Tombleson (1795 - c. 1846) was an English topographical and architecture artist, illustrator, copper and steel engraver, writer and printmaker, based in London.[1]

Life and works

In the 1830s, his topographical drawings of the upper and middle River Rhine in Germany, and of the rivers Thames and Medway in England were published as engraved prints and books (see bibliography). For volume 1 of "Views of the Rhine etc." he provided 69 illustrations - the book was also published in French and German editions.

Engravers who worked on Tombleson's drawings included Thomas Clark, John Cleghorn, T. Cox, R. Harris, W. Hood, J. Howe, W. Lacey, O. Smith, Shenfield, J. Stokes, D. Thompson, W. Tombleson, W. Watts, R. Wilson, H. Winkles and others.

Selected bibliography

Illustrated by Tombleson:

Books with engravings by Tombleson:


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