William Thomas (actor)

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Not to be confused with Bill Thomas (actor).
William Thomas
Nationality Welsh
Occupation Film / television actor

William Thomas (also known as William Huw-Thomas) is a Welsh actor, who has appeared in many TV episodes and films. He made his first appearance on TV in 1974, and his work, as an actor, is still ongoing. He is known for his roles in two Doctor Who episodes, along with roles in other major TV programmes, including Only Fools and Horses and Midsomer Murders in 2007.

In 2011 he appeared as a regular in Torchwood: Miracle Day as Geraint Cooper; having previously played the character on a one-off occasion in 2008.[1]


Year Title Role Notes
1974 Antony and Cleopatra Soldier
1981 Grange Hill Mr. Morgan Episode: #4.18
1981 The Life and Times of David Lloyd George William George Episodes: Don't try, Do It - Footnotes of History
1984 Night Beat News Greg Phillips
1984 The Magnificent Evans Probert Episodes: #1.1 - #1.6
1984 The District Nurse Gryp Episodes: #2.1, #2.2
1987 Knights of God Will Episode: #1.1
1988 Ballroom Dick
1988 Doctor Who Martin Episode: Remembrance of the Daleks
1989 Only Fools and Horses Barman Episode: Yuppy Love
1989 After the War Mr. Llewellyn TV miniseries
1990 Screen One Cyril Episode: Sticky Wickets
1991 We Are Seven Matthew Thomas Episodes: #1.2 - #1.6 & #2.2 - #2.7
1992 Forever Green Michael Powell Episode: #3.3
1996 Trip Trap Dr. Barclay
1997 A Mind to Kill Pub Guvnor Episode: Game Plan
1998 Satellite City Vicar Episode: Chronicle of a Death Foretold
1999 Rhinoceros Constable
2000 Longitude Arthur Mason
2000 Cupid & Cate Paul
2002 Fun at the Funeral Parlour Ivor Thomas
2002 A Mind to Kill John Beckwith Episode: The Little House in the Forest
2003 Grass Eric Episodes: #1.3 - #1.8
2005 Con Passionate Glyn
2004–2005 Pobol y Cwm Eric Miller Episodes: To Tea Ysgol, OB Cafe
2005 Marigold Milkman
2005 Doctor Who Mr. Cleaver Episode: Boom Town
2006 Belonging William James Episodes: #7.3, #7.4, #7.5
2007 Midsomer Murders Bryn Williams Episode: Death and Dust
2007 Gavin & Stacey Father Chris Series One
2007 Y Pris Davey Eddy Episodes: Y Dechre (The Beginning), Y Fwled Gynta (The First Bullet)
2008 Belonging Will Episode: #9.8
2008; 2011 Torchwood Geraint Cooper Episodes: Something Borrowed, The New World, The Categories of Life
2009 Ar Y Tracs Carwyn Series Regular
2010 Gavin & Stacey Father Chris Series Three
2010 Alys William Series Regular
Year Film Role Notes
1978 Casey's Shadow Weight Scales Jockey Room
1996 Darklands Detective Jarvis
1997 Twin Town Bryn Cartwright
1999 Catfish in Black Bean Sauce Douglas
1999 Solomon and Gaenor Idris Rees
2000 Edith's Finger Vicar
2000 Blue Kenny Dennis Simms
2000 The Miracle Maker (voice)
2000 House! Clipboard
2001 Overland Parry Thomas
2003 Y Mabinogi Hefeydd (voice)
2006 January 2nd Tom
2007 The Baker Alun
2008 Freebird Welsh Farmer
2010 Mr. Nice Mr Marks
2010 Ar Y Tracs Carwyn


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