William Palmer Ladd

William Palmer Ladd (May 13, 1870 – July 1, 1941) was an Episcopal priest, seminary professor and dean, and liturgical scholar.

Ladd was born in Lancaster, New Hampshire. He studied at Dartmouth College (class of 1891) and received a B.D. from the General Theological Seminary in 1897. Ladd was ordained deacon on June 11, 1897, and priest on June 11, 1898. After work as a parish priest in the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, he served as professor of church history (1904-1941) and dean (1918-1941) at Berkeley Divinity School, first in Middletown, Connecticut, and later in New Haven.

Ladd was active in the dissemination of Liturgical Movement principles in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

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