William Livingstone, 6th Lord Livingston

William Livingstone, 6th Lord Livingston, (died 1592), was a Scottish lord of Parliament.

Early life

William Livingstone was the son of Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord Livingston (c. 1500–1553) and his second wife, Lady Agnes Douglas, daughter of John Douglas, 2nd Earl of Morton. His father, Alexander, was the guardian of Mary, Queen of Scots, during her childhood.


William became Lord Livingston in 1550, his elder brother John, Master of Livingstone was killed in 1547 at the battle of Pinkie. He was a Protestant. His sister Mary Livingston was one of the four attendants of Mary, Queen of Scots. He fought for Queen Mary at the battle of Langside in 1568.

Personal life

William married Agnes Fleming (born 1535), a daughter of Lady Janet Stewart (1502–1562) and Malcolm Fleming, 3rd Lord Fleming (c. 1494–1547). Agnes Fleming's sister Janet Fleming had married William's brother, John Master of Livingstone.[1] William's children included;


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Peerage of Scotland
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Alexander Livingston
Lord Livingston
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