William IX, Marquess of Montferrat

William IX, Marquess of Montferrat

Portrait of William IX by Macrino d'Alba
Marquess of Montferrat
Reign 1494 - 1518
Predecessor Boniface III Palaiologos
Successor Boniface IV Palaiologos
Spouse(s) Anna d'Alençon


Noble family House of Palaiologos
Father Boniface III, Marquess of Montferrat
Mother Maria Branković
Born (1486-08-10)10 August 1486
Died 1518

William IX (10 August 1486 - 1518) was marquess of Montferrat from 1494 until his death.


He was the son of marquis Boniface III and Maria Branković, daughter of prince Stefan III of Serbia.

After succeeding his father Boniface at his death (1494), he continued the latter's pro-French policy and, in 1508, he married to princess Anna d'Alençon, daughter of René d'Alençon. During the Italian Wars, in 1513, he protected the French retreat from Milan; however, to avoid retaliations from Maximilian Sforza William was forced to pay him 30,000 scudi.

The Milanese Duke did not respect the treaty, and his troops invaded Montferrat and sacked numerous cities. At the same time, informed that his relative Oddone, marquess of Incisa, was trying to obtain the title of marquess of Montferrat, William marched to Incisa and occupied that lordship. Oddone and his son Badone were sentenced to death. However, the annexation was later declared null by Holy Roman Empire diplomacy, but in the subsequent year William was able to maintain the new lands.

He had 3 children with Anna d'Alençon:

He died in 1518 and was succeeded by his son Boniface IV, initially with his mother Anne d'Alençon as regent.


William IX, Marquess of Montferrat
Born: 10 August 1486 Died: 1518
Preceded by
Boniface III
Marquess of Montferrat
Succeeded by
Boniface IV
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