Willem Jacobsz Delff

Father's family portrait,ca 1590. Willem is the boy on the lower left.
Willem Delff's engraving of Michiel van Mierevelt's painting of Maurice of Nassau

Willem Jacobsz Delff (c. October 1580 14 April 1638[1]) was a Dutch Golden Age engraver and painter.


Delff was born and died in Delft. He learned painting from his father, Jacob Willemsz Delff the Elder, who painted a family portrait with his sons and wife Maria Joachimsdr Nagel. Jacob's sons were all artists in their own right; Cornelis (top left in the portrait) became a still life painter, while Rochus (between Cornelis and his father) became a portrait painter like his father. Willem married a daughter of Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt and became a renowned engraver.[2][3] His son Jacob Willemsz Delff the Younger became a painter.[4]

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