Wild Justice (novel)

Wild Justice

First edition
Author Wilbur Smith
Country South Africa
Language English
Publisher Heinemann
Publication date

Wild Justice is an adventure novel by Wilbur Smith. It was partially set in The Seychelles where Smith had a home for a number of years.[1]

It was the third best selling book in England in 1980.[2]

The novel was published in the US as The Delta Decision.[3]

TV adaptation

Wild Justice
Directed by Tony Wharmby
Produced by Paul Madigan
Written by James Carrington
Based on novel by Wilbur Smith
Starring Roy Scheider
Patricia Millardet
Christopher Buchholz
Sam Wanamaker
Release dates
Running time
2 x 90 mins
Country United States
Language English

The novel was filmed for TV in 1993 as a two-part miniseries.[4]

It is also known as Covert Assassin.



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