White Bear railway station

White Bear
Place Adlington
Area Chorley, Lancashire
Coordinates 53°36′45″N 2°36′25″W / 53.61244°N 2.60681°W / 53.61244; -2.60681Coordinates: 53°36′45″N 2°36′25″W / 53.61244°N 2.60681°W / 53.61244; -2.60681
Original company Joint Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway/Lancashire Union Railway
Pre-grouping London and North Western Railway
Post-grouping London, Midland and Scottish Railway
Platforms 2
1 December 1869 Opened
4 January 1960 Closed to passengers
October 1971 Closed to all traffic
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White Bear railway station, on Station Road, Adlington, Lancashire, England, was on the Lancashire Union Railway line between St Helens and Blackburn. The station was named in some timetables as White Bear (Adlington) or White Bear for Adlington.[1]

The station opened on 1 December 1869[1] one month after the line that it was situated on, the Lancashire Union Railway from Boars Head Junction in Standish to Rawlinson Bridge, opened for goods traffic. Passenger services also opened on the same date at Boars Head Junction and at Red Rock.

The joint line was constructed because the Wigan coal owners wanted better transportation links to the mills and factories of East Lancashire. The coal owners also wanted a line that would allow trains to go south and gain direct access to Garston Dock where shipping charges were far less than Liverpool dock.

The station was closed to passengers on 4 January 1960[1] and to freight and diversions in 1971. All that remains today is the ticket office which is now the White Bear Marina cafe.

Adlington railway station, serving the Manchester to Preston Line, is now the sole station in the town.


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