Wheel of Fortune (Philippine game show)

Wheel of Fortune

Title card of the ABS-CBN series
Created by Merv Griffin
Starring ABC
Rustom Padilla (host)
Victoria London (puzzle assistant)
Kris Aquino (host)
Zara Aldana and Jasmine Fitzgerald (puzzle assistants)
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes ABC: 140
138 (total)
Running time 30 minutes
Original network ABC (2001–2002)
ABS-CBN (2008)
Original release ABC:
November 19, 2001 – May 31, 2002
January 14, 2008 – July 25, 2008

There are two Philippine versions of Wheel of Fortune. The first was aired on ABC aired from November 19, 2001 to May 31, 2002. It was hosted by Rustom Padilla (main host) and Victoria London (puzzle assistant). The second and more recent one was a program that aired on ABS-CBN, with Kris Aquino as main host, while Zara Aldana and Jasmine Fitzgerald alternated as puzzle assistants for each puzzle.[1] Aquino's version (known in this article from this point onwards as "the ABS-CBN version") started on January 14, 2008.[2][3]

Advertisements for the ABS-CBN version started during that station's coverage of the Mayweather-Hatton fight on December 9, 2007. It involved a puzzle that would reveal the title of the show. Then advertisements urged viewers to join via text messaging.

Despite Wheel of Fortune having two Philippine versions, the ABS-CBN version, as well as several of its advertisements and press releases, do not seem to recognize Rustom Padilla's version (known from this point as "the ABC version").

The ABS-CBN version ended its run on July 25, 2008. Unlike the ABC version, which ended unceremoniously, this one formally had its last episode, with games competed by teams each composed of a child and an adult, with Aquino even making her Deal or No Deal gestures at the end. Aquino also hosts the Philippine version of the said program.

Common rules

For fuller rules, see the game play section of the article about the US version.

The format was generally the same as the US version. They follow the rules implemented at the time of showing: the ABC version following rules of the game as of 2001 while the ABS-CBN version looks at those implemented in 2006. Listed below are rules common to the two versions as well as their differences:

Changes and additions

The ABS-CBN version also introduced additions to the format of the show that did not exist in the ABC version. Already mentioned under "Common rules" section above are the Power wedge and the Toss-Up Rounds. Below are other additions.

Wheel components

The gallery below shows a comparison between the Wheels used in the ABC version and the one seen in the ABS-CBN version, as well as the special wedges laid on each Wheel.

The ABC version's 2001 Wheel is shown below and styled like the one used on the Philippine show. The 2002 version shown, however, is just a simulation using the style of the American Wheel and does not actually picture the actual design of the Wheel. The same can be said with its special wedges. Each special wedge had its name printed twice, one vertically along the wedge's length and the other horizontally along the width. They were designed as such because such a wedge if won was placed in a holder beside the contestant, instead of in front like the American version does. Also of note: both the actual P4,000 space and the actual Jackpot wedge were decorated with gold sequins.

On the other hand, the ABS-CBN Wheel and its special wedges are also simulations, but they are faithful to the actual ones seen in the show. However, the actual P100,000 space and the actual Power and Jackpot wedges all have holographic backgrounds, which is difficult to be replicated in simulated conditions.

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