Weymouth College (public school)

For the present-day establishment, see Weymouth College.

Weymouth College was a public school in Weymouth, Dorset, England, from 1863 to 1940.[1] It closed during the Second World War because of the risks from its proximity to naval bases at Weymouth and Portsmouth, and the boys and some staff moved to Wellingborough School in Northamptonshire.[2] A new house was formed at Wellingborough to accommodate the 33 pupils who moved, and Weymouth House still exists; since 1989 it has been the girls' house of the school.[3]

Weymouth College aimed "to provide for the sons of gentlemen a classical, mathematical and general education of the highest class".[4]

The building was designed by George Rackstraw Crickmay in 1864. Pevsner described the building as "The High Victorian style in a very debased form", and the chapel, 1894-96 as "really no better". In 1972 the building was in use as a College of Education.[5] It is now a residential conversion. Some of the chapel furnishings are in St Aldhelm's Church, Spa Road, Weymouth

Former pupils

Notable former pupils include:[2]


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