Westrail ADP/ADQ class

Westrail ADP/ADQ class

The Australind at Claisebrook in April 2002
Manufacturer Comeng
Built at Bassendean
Entered service 1987
Number built 5
Number in service 5
Operator(s) Westrail (1987-2000)
WAGR Commission (2000-2003)
Transwa (2003-2005)
Prime mover(s) Cummins KTA19
Transmission Voith
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)

The Westrail ADP/ADQ class railcars were built by Comeng, Bassendean for Westrail in 1987 to operate The Australind service between Perth and Bunbury.


In August 1985, Westrail awarded Comeng, Bassendean a contract for five diesel railcars, three ADP carriages with driving cabs and two ADQ trailer carriages, using a similar body shell and interior fitout to the New South Wales XPT carriages.[1] Each carriage was powered by a Cummins KTA19 engine coupled to a Voith transmission. They usually operate as a four carriage set.[2][3]

In July 2003, the railcars were painted in a new livery in line with the formation of Transwa. In 2007, the railcars were painted white as part of a refurbishment program. In 2010/11 new seats were fitted.[4]


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