Westminster Court of Burgesses

Court of Burgesses
City and Liberty of Westminster

Coat of arms or logo

Coat of arms of Westminster from 1601
Established 1585
Disbanded 1900
Succeeded by Westminster City Council
Seats 12 burgesses
12 assistant burgesses
Annual nomination
Meeting place

The Westminster Court of Burgesses was established by Act of Parliament in 1585 and abolished in 1900. It formed part of the local government of Westminster in the metropolis of London, England.[1]

The court was set up following the dissolution of the monasteries, filling a power vacuum created by Westminster Abbey ceasing to exert control over the area.

Initially it had the powers to deal with nuisances and adjudicate the prosecutions of some minor criminal offences. The parishes that made up the city continued to have self governance through their vestries. After justices of the peace were set up for Westminster in 1618, the court dealt with lesser cases such as offences relating to weights and measures.[2]

The Westminster area was incorporated as the Metropolitan Borough of Westminster in 1900 and the court, as well as the parish vestries, were replaced by Westminster City Council.


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