West Pilton

West Pilton is a residential area of Edinburgh north of Ferry Road, east of Muirhouse, and immediately west of East Pilton and then Granton. Like East Pilton, West Pilton is generally considered to be part of the larger neighbouring area of Granton.

Most of West Pilton was formerly social housing constructed by the council between the 1930s and 1950s (with a hiatus during the Second World War) but now these properties are largely privately owned. The housing mostly takes the form of maisonettes and three storey blocks of flats. In addition new housing developments have been built by the private sector and the area is currently undergoing revitalization. There are local shops and community services.


West Pilton compared[1] West Pilton Edinburgh
White 88.8% 91.7%
Asian 3.6% 5.5%
Black 6.0% 1.2%
Mixed 0.9% 0.9%

Coordinates: 55°58′25.28″N 3°14′51.10″W / 55.9736889°N 3.2475278°W / 55.9736889; -3.2475278


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