West Midlands (European Parliament constituency)

West Midlands
European Parliament constituency
Location among the 2014 constituencies

Shown within England
Member state United Kingdom
Created 1999
MEPs 8 (1999–2004)
7 (2004–2009; 2011- )
6 (2009–11)

West Midlands is a constituency of the European Parliament. It is represented by seven MEPs using the d'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation. In 2009, the constituency had been reduced to six seats, but also elected a "virtual MEP" who took her seat in the Parliament when the Treaty of Lisbon came into effect. The constituency was also previously represented by seven MEPs prior to the 2009 election.


A map of the West Midlands region, showing Towns/Cities in Red, Motorways in Blue, AONBs in Light Green and National Parks in Dark Green.

The constituency corresponds to the West Midlands region of England, comprising the ceremonial counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire.


It was formed as a result of the European Parliamentary Elections Act 1999, replacing a number of single-member constituencies. These were Birmingham East, Birmingham West, Coventry and North Warwickshire, Herefordshire and Shropshire, Worcestershire and South Warwickshire, and parts of Peak District, Staffordshire East and Derby, and Staffordshire West and Congleton.

Returned members

MEPs for the West Midlands, 1999 onwards
Election 1999 (5th parliament) 2004 (6th parliament) 2009 (7th parliament)[1] 2014 (8th parliament)[1]
Philip Bushill-Matthews
[2] Seat
Anthea McIntyre
Philip Bradbourn[3]
Daniel Dalton[4]
Malcolm Harbour
Bill Etheridge
John Corrie
Mike Nattrass
UKIP (2004–2013)
Independent (2013–2014)
An Independence from Europe (2014)
Jill Seymour
Liz Lynne[5]
Liberal Democrat
Phil Bennion
Liberal Democrat
James Carver
Neena Gill
Nikki Sinclaire
UKIP (2009–10)
Independent (2010–12)
We Demand a Referendum (2012–2014)
Neena Gill
Michael Cashman
Siôn Simon
Simon Murphy
Seat abolished

Election results

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Elected candidates are shown in bold. Brackets indicate the number of votes per seat won.

European Election 2014: West Midlands
List Candidates Votes % ±
UKIP Jill Seymour, James Carver, Bill Etheridge,
Phil Henrick, Michael Wrench, Michael Green, Lyndon Jones[6][7]
31.5 +10.2
Labour Neena Gill, Siôn Simon,
Lynda Waltho, Ansar Ali Khan, Olwen Hamer, Tony Ethapemi, Philippa Louise Roberts[7][8]
26.7 +9.7
Conservative Philip Bradbourn, Anthea McIntyre,
Daniel Dalton, Michael Burnett, Sibby Buckle, Daniel Sames, Alex Avern[7][9]
24.3 3.8
Liberal Democrat Phil Bennion, Jonathan Webber, Christine Tinker, Ayoub Khan, Tim Bearder, Neville Farmer, John Redfern[7][10] 75,648 5.6 6.4
Green Will Duckworth, Aldo Mussi, Vicky Duckworth, Tom Harris, Karl Macnaughton, Duncan Kerr, Laura Katherine Vesty[7][11] 71,464 5.3 0.9
An Independence from Europe Mike Nattrass, Mark Nattrass, Joshna Pattni, Carl Henry Humphries, George Viner Forrest, Douglas Stephen Ingram, Paul Alders[7] 27,171 2.0 N/A
We Demand a Referendum Nikki Sinclaire, Andy Adris, Linda Brown, David Bennett, Judith Smart, Thomas Reid, Amanda Wilson[7][12] 23,426 1.7 N/A
BNP Michael Coleman, Jennifer Matthys, Kenneth Griffiths, Simon Patten, David Bradnock, Mark Badrick, Phil Kimberley[7][13] 20,643 1.5 7.1
English Democrat Derek Hilling, Chris Newey, Stephen Paxton, Charles Hayward, Margaret Stoll, David Lane, Fred Bishop[7][14] 12,832 0.9 1.4
NO2EU Dave Nellist, Pat Collins, Joanne Stevenson, Sophia Hussain, Paul Edward Reilly, Andrew Mark Chaffer, Amanda Jane Marfleet[7][13] 4,653 0.3 0.7
Harmony Party Reg Mahrra[7] 1,857 0.1 N/A
Turnout 1,359,210 33.1 -1.7

Anthea McIntyre became an MEP in November 2011 when the relevant provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon came into effect, her addition being based on the 2009 vote. Phil Bennion became an MEP on the resignation of Liz Lynne.

European Election 2009: West Midlands[15][16]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Conservative Philip Bradbourn, Malcolm Harbour
Anthea McIntyre, Michael Burnett, Mark Spelman, Daniel Dalton
28.1 +0.7
UKIP Mike Nattrass, Nikki Sinclaire
Jill Seymour, Rustie Lee, Malcolm Hurst, Jonathan Oakton
21.3 +3.8
Labour Michael Cashman
Neena Gill, Claire Edwards, Anthony Painter, Victoria Quinn, Mohammed Nazir
240,201 17.0 6.4
Liberal Democrat Liz Lynne
Phil Bennion, Susan Juned, Colin Ross, Stephen Barber, William Powell
170,246 12.0 1.7
BNP Simon Darby, Alby Walker, Chris Turner, Ken Griffiths, Ellie Walker 121,967 8.6 +1.1
Green Felicity Norman, Peter Tinsley, Chris Williams, Ian Davison, Vicky Dunn, Dave Wall 88,244 6.2 +1.1
English Democrat David Lane, Frederick Bishop, John Lane, Graham Walker, Michael Ellis, Kim Gandy 32,455 2.3 N/A
Christian David Booth, Samuel Nelson, Abiodun Akiwumi, Yeside Oguntoye, Ade Raji, Maxine Hargreaves 18,784 1.3 N/A
Socialist Labour John Tyrrell, Satbir Singh Johal, Rajinder Claire, Bhagwant Singh, Surinder Pal Virdee, Shangra Singh Bhatoe 14,724 1.0 +0.4
NO2EU David Nellist, Dyal Singh Bagri, Malcolm Gribbin, Jo Stevenson, Peter MacLaren, Andy Chaffer 13,415 1.0 N/A
Jury Team Geoffery Coady, Graham Burton, Jeremy Spencer, David Bennett, Colin Thompson 8,721 0.6 N/A
Libertas Jimmy Millard, Bridget Rose, Zigi Davenport, Andrew Bebbington, David Black, Matthew Lingard 6,961 0.5 N/A
Turnout 1,413,036 34.8 1.2
European Election 2004: West Midlands[17]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Conservative Philip Bushill-Matthews, Philip Bradbourn, Malcolm Harbour
Andrew Griffiths, Peter Butler, Michael John Burnett, Jeremy Lefroy
27.3 10.6
Labour Michael Cashman, Neena Gill
Susan Mary Hayman, Anthony Paul Carroll, Claire Edwards, Mohammad Nazir, Jane Louise Heggie
23.4 4.6
UKIP Michael Nattrass
Earl of Bradford, Denis Vernon Brookes, Richard John Chamings, Christopher Rupert Kingsley, Greville James Guy Warwick, Andrew Moore
251,366 17.5 +11.8
Liberal Democrat Liz Lynne
Paul Calvin Tilsley, Phillip Bennion, Martin Marshall Turner, Nicola Sian Davies, Lorely Burt, Michael David Dixon
197,479 13.7 +2.4
BNP Simon Darby, Simon Charles Smith, Martin David Roberts, Robert Purcell, Mark Andrew Payne, Michael Coleman, William Thomas Locke[18] 107,794 7.5 +5.8
Green Chris Lennard, Felicity Mary Norman, David Wall, Barney Smith, Thomas Christopher Hellberg, Damon Leroy Hoppe, Rebecca Roseff 73,991 5.1 0.6
Respect John Rees, Salma Yaqoob, Cheryl Jacqueline Naomi Garvey, Mohammad Naseem, Winifred Olive Mary Whitehouse, Anil Seera, Penelope Hicks 34,704 2.4 N/A
Pensioners Barry Hodgson 33,501 2.3 N/A
Common Good Dick Rodgers 8,650 0.6 N/A
Turnout 1,437,035 36.0 +15.0
European Election 1999: West Midlands[19]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Conservative John Corrie, Philip Bushill-Matthews, Malcolm Harbour, Philip Bradbourn
Richard Normington, Virginia Taylor, Mark Greenburgh, Michael Burnett
37.9 N/A
Labour Simon Murphy, Michael Cashman, Neena Gill
Mike Tappin, David Hallam, Phil Davis, Nuala O'Kane, Brenda Etchells
28.0 N/A
Liberal Democrat Liz Lynne
Paul Tilsley, Susan Juned, Phillip Bennion, Joan Walmsley, Sardul Marwa, Jamie Calder, John Cordwell
95,769 11.3 N/A
UKIP Mike Nattrass, Paul Garratt, Jonathan Oakton, Richard Charnings, Douglas Hope, Ian Crompton, Richard Adams, Clive Easton 49,621 5.8 N/A
Green Felicity Norman, Guy Woodford, Paul Baptie, Hazel Clawley, Richard Mountford, Alan Clawley, Andrew Holtham, Elly Stanton 49,440 5.8 N/A
Independent Labour Christine Oddy 36,849 4.3 N/A
Liberal Michael Hyde, Robert Wheway, Colin Hallmark, Ann Winfield, Nicholas Brown, Anthony Bourko, David Hallmark, Joyce Millington 14,954 1.8 N/A
BNP Sharron Edwards, Simon Darby,[20] Stephen Edwards, Jeffrey Astbury, Keith Axon, Steven Batkin, Tommy Rogers, John Haycock 14,344 1.7 N/A
Pro-Euro Conservative Brendan Donnelly, Rob Coppinger, Tim Perkins, Diane Hazeldine, Andrew Notman, John Gretton, Steve Law, John Marshall 11,144 1.3 N/A
Socialist Alliance Dave Nellist, John Rothery, Lanne Hubbard, Salman Mirzo, Natasha Millward, Robert Hope, James Cessford, Peter McNally 7,203 0.8 N/A
Socialist Labour Sonan Singh, Satbir Singh Johal, Judith Sambrook-Marshall, Surinder Pal Virdee, David Ayrton, Brenda Procter, Carlos Rule, Michael Atherton 5,257 0.6 N/A
EDP English Freedom Party Michael Gibbs 3,066 0.4 N/A
Natural Law Paul Davis, James Drewster, Huw Meads, Roger Gerrett, Mary Griffin, Roderic McCarthy, Brian Winstanley, Michael Twite 1,647 0.2 N/A
Turnout 848,684 21.0 N/A


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