Werner Eisbrenner

Werner Friedrich Emil Eisbrenner (2 December 1908, Berlin – 7 November 1981, Berlin) was a German composer and conductor, best known for his film music.

Eisbrenner studied church music and musical education from 1927 to 1929 at the Berlin Staatlichen Musikademie. He then worked as a pianist, arranger, Kapellmeister and conductor, as well as composing violin concertos, orchestral music, the musical comedy Von Hand zu Hand and the music for film, radio and television for which he is best known. This includes the theme for Hans Albers's film Große Freiheit Nr. 7.

Eisbrenner was a member of the jury at the 1st Berlin International Film Festival.[1]

Eisbrenner also headed a private "Lehrinstitut für Kirchen- und Schulmusik". In 1974 he received the Filmband in Gold for his long and outstanding contributions to German film. On 23 April 1998 a plaque was unveiled at his former home at Wohnung Bismarckallee 32a in Berlin. He was married to Kathe (née Jacobi) Eisbrenner (b. ?? - d. 11 March 1974). He is buried in the Waldfriedhof Dahlem.

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