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The Welsh Grand Committee, Welsh: Uwch Bwyllgor Cymreig, is a committee of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It is one of four such grand committees in the United Kingdom Parliament, the other three are for Scotland, Northern Ireland and as of October 2015 England..[1] The committee is made up of all 40 Welsh MPs and up to five other MPs.[2]

The committee can meet after a Queen’s Speech or budget statement to consider the impact the legislation and finances outlined would have on Wales. It also provides an opportunity for MPs to question ministers, debate current matters and for ministers to make statements. There are between three and six committee meetings per year.

The Welsh Grand Committee usually meets at the New Palace of Westminster but does occasionally meet in Wales itself. It met at the Guildhall, Wrexham in October 2011 [3] and at County Hall, Cwmbran in March 2001. [4]

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