Weightlifting at the 1896 Summer Olympics – Men's two hand lift

Two hand lift
at the Games of the I Olympiad
Venue Panathinaiko Stadium
Date April 7
Competitors 6 from 5 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Viggo Jensen
2nd, silver medalist(s) Launceston Elliot
 Great Britain
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Sotirios Versis
Weightlifting at the
1896 Summer Olympics
One hand   men
Two hands men

The men's two hand lift was one of two weightlifting events held as part of the Weightlifting at the 1896 Summer Olympics program. Lifters received three attempts. Each lifter performed one attempt before any began their second attempts. After each had lifted three times, the top three received three more attempts.

The two-handed lift was the first weightlifting event on 7 April. Six athletes took part. The type of lift used was similar to the modern clean and jerk. Viggo Jensen of Denmark and Launceston Elliot of the United Kingdom both lifted 111.5 kilograms, and the tie was broken by a determination by Prince George that Jensen had performed the lift with better form than had Elliot. A protest by the British delegation resulted in each athlete being given further attempts to improve their scores. Neither did, and the results stood as originally declared with Jensen taking the gold medal. Jensen had, however, suffered from the extra lifts in that he experienced a slight injury in trying to lift more than he was able.


Place Lifter Weight
1  Viggo Jensen (DEN) 111.5 kg
2  Launceston Elliot (GBR) 111.5 kg
3  Sotirios Versis (GRE) 90.0 kg
4  Georgios Papasideris (GRE) 90.0 kg
 Carl Schuhmann (GER) 90.0 kg
6  Momcsilló Tapavicza (HUN) 80.0 kg


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