Weaver Junction

Weaver Junction is a railway junction on the West Coast Main Line (WCML). It connects Ditton to the WCML via Runcorn Railway Bridge and opened on 1 April 1869. Trains bound for Liverpool from London diverge from the WCML at this junction. Weaver Junction is the oldest flying junction in Britain.[1]

The junction between the main line to Warrington and the north, and the direct line to Runcorn and Liverpool was originally, from the date of opening in 1869, a flat junction at Birdswood. The flyover carrying the up Liverpool line over the main line at Birdswood was not opened until 13 November 1881. The junction now occurred some 0.75 miles (1.21 km) south of its former location and henceforth was known as Weaver Junction.

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Coordinates: 53°18′10″N 2°38′23″W / 53.3028°N 2.6396°W / 53.3028; -2.6396

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