Waterloo & Robinson

Waterloo & Robinson, 1976
Waterloo & Robinson, 2003
Waterloo & Robinson at the Eurovision Song Contest 1976

Waterloo & Robinson is an Austrian band, consisting of Johann Kreuzmayr ("Waterloo") and Josef Krassnitzer ("Robinson").
The duo are most famous for representing Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 1976, performing the song My Little World, where they recorded a 5th-place finish with 80 points. This song was also the first time that Austria had performed entirely in English at the Contest.

More recently, the duo entered preselection to represent Austria at the 2004 Contest, losing out to boyband Tie Break. This caused some controversy when Waterloo & Robinson protested that Tie Break's song (Du Bist) was longer than the 3 minutes allowed under Contest rules - clocking in at between 3:09 and 3:11 depending on the stereo used.
The duo were quoted as saying "If skiers battle over the tenth part of a second, we must be allowed to go to court because of a time exceeding of 5%" as well as filing a legal challenge to Tie Break's performance . This challenge was not upheld.




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