Waterfront (area)

Waterfront of Bratislava, Slovakia in July 2007.

The waterfront area of a city or town is its dockland district, or the area alongside a body of water.

Waterfront Design

Though there are many waterfront designs that are scattered across the globe, The American Society of Landscape Architecture(ASLA)[1] has recognized ones that stand out, not only for its design but how it is important for the community. For this reason, they have given out various awards to waterfronts around the world. We can look at examples such as Waterfront Seattle, Washington[2] or The Hunters Point South Waterfront Park, New Yowk[3] and lastly, the Shanghai Houtan Park, China.[4] These are just a few examples of waterfronts which have won awards from ASLA. To find more, ASLA has created an entire page[5] where we can look at other waterfronts that have won awards.

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