Wasserbillig, Luxembourg
St Martin's church

Wasserbillig (Luxembourgish: Waasserbëlleg) is a town in the commune of Mertert, in eastern Luxembourg. As of 2005, Wasserbillig has 2,186 inhabitants, which makes it the largest town in Mertert. Wasserbillig is the administrative seat of the commune of Mertert.


Wasserbillig lies at the confluence of the rivers Moselle and Sauer, which form the border with Germany at the town. On the opposite side of the Moselle and linked by a ferry lies Oberbillig, Germany; on the opposite side of the Sauer and linked by vehicle and rail bridges lies Wasserbilligerbrück, Germany.

Wasserbillig is the lowest settlement in Luxembourg, at 132 m above sea level.


Around 100 AD there was already a town where wasserbillig is now which the Roman named Biliacum. This is also where the second part of Wasserbillig's name comes from (Bilicacum -> -billig). It was mainly a transloading harbour for goods coming down the Sauer or by cart. During the construction of the bridge over the Sauer in 1952 remnants of an old roman bridge were found.[1]

Economy and Tourism

Wasserbillig is home to the large Wasserbillig Aquarium with tanks of up to 40,000 litres exhibiting fish from around the world in natural surroundings.[2]

Despite its small population, Wasserbillig is home to ExxonMobil's largest petrol station, which serves the A1 motorway, leading into Germany. This is due to the considerably lower fuel taxes in Luxembourg than in Germany, making it highly advantageous not only for motorists and truckers to fill their tanks before crossing the border into Germany but also for residents of the surrounding areas in Germany, notably the nearby city of Trier, to cross the border to purchase fuel in Luxembourg. The service area is similarly a large outlet for tobacco (which like fuel also attracts considerable cross-border custom from the surrounding areas of Germany due to the difference in taxes), coffee and chocolate.


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