Warren Fales Draper (publisher)

Warren Fales Draper
Born 12 December 1818
West Dedham, Massachusetts
Died 8 January 1905
Andover, Massachusetts
Education B.A., Amherst College, 1847
Occupation Publisher, educator, philanthropist
Religion Congregationalist
Spouse(s) Irene Patience Rowley
Children none
Parent(s) Martin Draper and Sally Fisher

Warren Fales Draper (1818–1905) was a publisher in Andover, Massachusetts for nearly 50 years. A descendant of early Roxbury settler James Draper, he was born and raised in West Dedham, Massachusetts (later named Westwood), and graduated from Phillips Academy and Amherst College. His plans to go into the ministry did not materialize, and he became a book seller and publisher in his adopted town of Andover. Through frugality and industry, he amassed a considerable estate, and having no children he made sizable philanthropic contributions, and offered scholarships to aspiring students. Draper Hall at Abbot Academy (now a part of Phillips Academy) was named for him.


Born on 12 December 1818 in West Dedham, Massachusetts, Warren Fales Draper was the oldest child of Martin Draper and Sally Fisher of that town.[1] His father had been a deacon of the First Congregational Church of Dedham, and a member there for 44 years. At the urging of his father's pastor, Dr. Ebenezer Burgess, Draper attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, graduating in 1843, then attended Amherst College, from which he graduated in 1847.[1] He then entered the Andover Theological Seminary to become a minister, but failing eyesight compelled him to leave the school.[1][2] During his many years of schooling, he partially supported himself by teaching in the public schools of Andover, Holliston, Medfield, and Canton.[1]

Draper Hall at Abbot Academy in 2013, being used for Phiilips Academy faculty apartments

In 1849 Draper returned to Andover, and began a career in the book selling and publishing business by going to work for the publishers Allen, Morill, and Wardwell.[2] In 1854 he became the proprietor of this business, and for nearly 40 years he was the leading bookseller in Andover.[1] During his tenure there, he published more than 600 volumes, some of them reaching quite large sales, and through thrift and enterprise he accumulated a considerable estate.[2] Having no children, much of his estate was dispensed in charities, and Andover institutions received more than $100,000 from him. He was a large benefactor of the girls school, Abbot Academy (now a part of Phillips Academy), and Draper Hall there was named for him. He served for more than 20 years as the treasurer of the school, was one of the school's trustees, and also acted as general superintendent of the material interests of the school.[3] Draper also established a prize fund and a scholarship at Phillips Academy, and provided for a cottage there as well. This cottage, called Draper Cottage, was given to the school, provided an annuity be given his wife until her death, which occurred on 27 December 1916 when she was in her 93rd year.[4]

After disposing of his business, Draper continued to devote himself to publishing works for the use of theological students and clergymen.[1] He died on 8 January 1905 in Andover,[5] and was survived by his wife. Fuess wrote that he was an example of "the old New England type of a Christian business man."[2]


Draper married on 24 May 1848 Irene Patience Rowley of Wrentham, Massachusetts, the daughter of Reuben Rowley,[6] but the couple had no children.[1] She graduated from Abbot Academy in 1843.[7] His younger brother, Daniel Fisher Draper, was a dentist, and had a grandson, Warren Fales Draper, named in honor of the subject, who became the Deputy Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service and served on General Dwight Eisenhower's staff in Europe during World War II.[8]

Ancestry of Warren Fales Draper

Besides being descended from James Draper, Warren Draper also descends from William Wentworth. The Draper ancestors of Warren Fales Draper are documented in the book Drapers in America, by Thomas W. Draper.[9] The remaining members are found in Descendants of John Dean,[10] The Fisher Genealogy,[11] The Cheney Genealogy,[12] and The Wentworth Genealogy.[13]

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