Walpole–Townshend ministry

Robert Walpole's Cabinet

Office Name Term
First Lord of the Treasury Sir Robert Walpole 17211730
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Leader of the House of Commons
Northern Secretary The Viscount Townshend 17211730
Southern Secretary The Lord Carteret 17211724
The Duke of Newcastle 17241730
Lord Chancellor The Earl of Macclesfield 17211725
The Lord King 17251730
Lord Privy Seal The Duke of Kingston 17211726
The Lord Trevor 17261730
Lord President of the Council The Viscount Townshend 1721
The Lord Carleton 17211725
The Duke of Devonshire 17251730
The Lord Trevor 1730
First Lord of the Admiralty The Earl of Berkeley 17211727
The Viscount Torrington 17271730
Master-General of the Ordnance The Duke of Marlborough 17211722
The Earl Cadogan 17221725
The Duke of Argyll 17251730
Paymaster of the Forces The Lord Cornwallis 17211722
The Lord Wilmington 17221730
Lord Steward The Duke of Argyll 17211725
The Duke of Dorset 17251730
Lord Chamberlain The Duke of Newcastle 17211724
The Duke of Grafton 17241730
Master of the Horse The Earl of Scarbrough 17271730
Preceded by
Second Stanhope–Sunderland ministry
British ministries
Succeeded by
Walpole ministry
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