Waleran, Duke of Lower Lorraine

Comte d'Arlon
Graaf van Limburg
Duke of Lower Lotharingia (Lower Lorraine)
Reign 1115–1139 (Count); 1139 (Graaf); 1128–6 August 1139 (Duke)
Coronation 1128
Successor Godfrey VII
Born c. 1085
Died 6 August 1119(1119-08-06) (aged 34)?
Spouse Jutta von Wassenberg (c. 1087 – 1151)
Father Henry, Duke of Lower Lorraine (1101–1106)
Mother Adelheid von Botenstein

Waleran II (or Walram II) (c. 1085 – 1139), called Paganus meaning "the Pagan", probably due to a late baptism, was the Duke of Limburg and Count of Arlon from his father's death in about 1119 until his own twenty years later. He was given the Duchy of Lower Lorraine by Lothair of Supplinburg in 1128[1] after the latter's accession as King of Germany in 1125.

He was the son of Henry, Duke of Lower Lorraine (1101–1106),[1] and Adelaide of Pottenstein (Adelheid von Botenstein). Henry had been forced to yield the duchy to Godfrey I of Leuven on Henry V's succession, but had kept the ducal title. With the coming of Lothair, Godfrey was forced to yield it to Waleran. Godfrey was not willing to do so and war broke out, especially over disputes about authority over the abbey of Sint-Truiden. In 1129, Waleran and the bishop of Liège, Alexandre de Juliers, demolished Godfrey's forces at Wilde. His rule was actual from there on. Though Waleran and Godfrey eventually reconciled, Godfrey maintained, as Henry had, the ducal title.

He married Jutta von Wassenberg sometime between 1107–10,[2] daughter of Gerard I of Guelders. In 1129, Waleran was made forester of Duisbourg. In 1139, Lothair died and Waleran supported Conrad of Hohenstaufen, who was elected. He remained faithful to the new king until his death shortly thereafter. He was succeeded by Godfrey II of Leuven in Lorraine.

He had five children:


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Godfrey VI
Duke of Lower Lorraine
Succeeded by
Godfrey VII
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