Wake Up World

For similarly titled album by Finnish singer Isac Elliot, see Wake Up World (album).

"Wake Up World"[1] is the 2010 official single for the Swedish charity "Hjälp Haiti" (Help Haiti). The song was written by Erik Anjou and interpreted by Karl Martindahl, Daniel Karlsson and Robin Bengtsson. The initiative for the song was by Andreas Wistrand of the band Highlights. Songwriter Erik Anjou and music producer Keith Almgren donated all proceeds of the song to FRII (making up 103 organizations).

Hjälp Haiti

"Hjälp Haiti" was a collection of 14 different organisations engaged in helping Haiti after its earthquake. Under FRII, (Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd) and TV4 Group, the organizations included:

Participating artists

Artists involved in the project included:


The song was performed live on TV4 television station's program Nyhetsmorgon[2][3] with Andreas Wistrand made the presentation alongside Maria Ros Jernberg, communications manager of FRII.


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