Wakayama Station

Wakayama Station

Wakayama Station, December 2008
Location 61, Misonocho 5-chome, Wakayama, Wakayama
Coordinates Coordinates: 34°13′56″N 135°11′28″E / 34.232126°N 135.191145°E / 34.232126; 135.191145
Operated by
  • Bus terminal
Opened 1924

Wakayama Station (和歌山駅 Wakayama-eki) is a railway station in Wakayama, Wakayama, Japan, jointly operated by the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) and the Wakayama Electric Railway.


Station layout

The station has two side platforms and three island platforms, serving a total of eight ground-level tracks. The platforms are connected by means of a footbridge and an underground passage.


1  Limited Express from the Kinokuni Line "Kuroshio" for Tennoji, Shin-Ōsaka, Kyōto
 Hanwa Line for Hineno, Otori and Tennoji
Change trains at Hineno for Kansai Airport
2, 3  Hanwa Line for Hineno, Otori and Tennoji (local trains, rapid service)
Change trains at Hineno for Kansai Airport
4  Limited Express to the Kinokuni Line "Kuroshio" for Shirahama and Shingu
4, 5  Kinokuni Line for Gobo and Kii-Tanabe
 Hanwa Line for Hineno, Otori and Tennoji (rapid service (partly))
Change trains at Hineno for Kansai Airport
7  Wakayama Line for Kokawa, Hashimoto and Gojō
8  Kisei Line for Kiwa and Wakayamashi
9  Wakayama Railway Kishigawa Line for Kotsu Center-mae and Kishi

Adjacent stations

« Service »
JR West Kisei Line for Miyamae and Gobo (Kinokuni Line)
Miyamae   Local
(including rapid and direct rapid
on Hanwa Line)
  Kii-Nakanoshima or Musota (Hanwa Line)
Kimiidera   Rapid   Musota (Hanwa Line)
JR West Kisei Line for Wakayamashi
Terminus - Kiwa
JR West Hanwa Line
Kii-Nakanoshima   Local   Terminus
Kii-Nakanoshima   Regional Rapid (northbound only)   Terminus
Kii-Nakanoshima   B Rapid   Terminus
Kii-Nakanoshima   Kishuji Rapid   Terminus
Musota   Kishuji Rapid (some morning trains)   Terminus
Musota   Rapid   Terminus
Musota   Direct Rapid   Terminus
JR West Wakayama Line
Tainose   Local   Terminus
Iwade   Rapid   Terminus
Wakayama Railway Kishigawa Line
Terminus - Tanakaguchi
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