Wak'a Wallamarka

Wak'a Wallamarka

Wak'a Wallamarka
Location Peru, Lima Province
Coordinates 12°05′50″S 77°02′25″W / 12.09722°S 77.04028°W / -12.09722; -77.04028Coordinates: 12°05′50″S 77°02′25″W / 12.09722°S 77.04028°W / -12.09722; -77.04028

Wak'a Wallamarka (Quechua wak'a a local god of protection, a sacred object or place / sacred, Walla a people, marka village,[1][2][3] hispanicized spellings Huaca Huallamarca), also known as Wak'a Pan de Azúcar (Spanish pan de azúcar sugar loaf), is an archaeological site in Peru. It is located in the Lima Province, San Isidro District.[3][4]


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