Wah Fu Estate

Wah Fu (I) Estate
Wah Fu (II) Estate
Wah On House, Wah Fu Estate
Wah Fu Bus Terminus
Wah Fu Shopping Centre

Wah Fu Estate (Chinese: 華富邨) is a public housing estate located next to Waterfall Bay, Pok Fu Lam in Hong Kong's Southern District. It was built on a new town concept in 1967 and was renovated in 2003. Divided into Wah Fu (I) Estate (華富(一)邨) and Wah Fu (II) Estate (華富(二)邨), the whole estate has a total of 18 residential blocks completed between 1967 and 1978.[1]

There are several primary and secondary schools in the estate. Some of these are the Pui Ying Secondary School, SKH Lui Ming Choi Secondary School and Caritas Chong Yut Ming Secondary School. They provide education to children in the local and surrounding areas. Funtana Theatre is the only cinema on the estate.

Former Secretary for Justice Wong Yan Lung lived here in the 1980s.


Name Type Completion
Wah On House Old Slab November 1967
Wah Lok House February 1968
Wah Chun House March 1968 - September 1968
Wah Hong House
Wah Kwong House
Wah Mei House
Wah Kee House October, 1968 - February 1969
Wah Shun House
Wah Yu House
Wah Ching House
Wah Ming House
Wah Kin House
Wah Cheong House Twin Tower July 1970 - June 1971
Wah Sang House
Wah Hing House
Wah Tai House
Wah Chui House 1978
Wah King House



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