Wadi Shueib

Wadi Shueib, (Arabic: وادي شُعَيب) Arabic for the Valley of Jethro and properly Wadi Shuʿeib but with many variant romanizations,[n 1] is a wadi in Jordan draining an area of approximately 180 square kilometers (69 sq mi).[1] Towns and villages along the wadi include Salt, Fuheis, and Mahis, which discharge treated and untreated sewage into its course.[1] It is named for the Biblical figure Jethro.

It lies west of Sweileh and varied in elevation from 1,200 meters (3,900 ft) to sea level.[1] An earth-filled dam[2] was constructed across it in 1968.[1] Excavations have confirmed that the area was a major site during Jordan's Neolithic period.[3]

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  1. Including Wady Sho'eib, Wadi Shu'ayb, Wadi Shuaib, and Wadi Shoaib.




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