Product type Intimate apparel
Country Japan
Introduced 1949
Related brands b.tempt'd, Elomi, Eveden, Fantasie, Freya, Goddess
Registered as a trademark in United States[1]
Tagline "The Art and Science of Intimates"
Website www.wacoal-america.com

Wacoal is a manufacturer of women's lingerie and underwear, founded in 1949 in Japan by Koichi Tsukamoto. The company has divisions in North America and Europe, and manufactures the brands Wacoal, b.tempt'd, Elomi, Eveden, Fantasie, Freya, and Goddess.

Company background

In 1964, Wacoal established the Human Science Research Center to conduct scientific research on women's beauty, health, and bodies for product development.[2]

In 1985, Wacoal launched in America.[3] To encourage potential customers to purchase the new brand despite the higher prices than its competitors, Wacoal's fit experts partnered with sales associates in department stores across the country to educate consumers about the fit and quality of Wacoal products. Wacoal was named the best-selling bra in American department stores in 2005.[4] In 2009, Wacoal launched b.tempt'd, an intimiate apparel brand aimed toward younger consumers.[5]

In 2012, Wacoal acquired the Eveden Group, a UK-based lingerie manufacturer founded in 1920, bringing the full-figure brands Freya, Elomi, Fantasie, and Goddess under its corporate umbrella.[6]

Brand portfolio

Product manufacturing

Wacoal products are manufactured almost entirely by hand using Japanese sewing technology as well as continued innovation. Much of the production occurs at Wacoal Vietnam, a manufacturing location established in 1997.[7]

Philanthropic efforts

Wacoal launched a bra in 1999 known as the Awareness Bra, which features a pink ribbon on each band to remind women to be conscious of their breast health.[8] In 2001, the Fit for the Cure campaign was launched to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research. Wacoal donates to Susan G. Komen for every woman who participates in a complimentary fitting during Fit for the Cure.[9][10]


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