Wachsenburg Castle

Wachsenburg Castle
General information
Architectural style castle
Town or city Amt Wachsenburg
Country Germany
Coordinates 50°51′30″N 10°52′35″E / 50.8583°N 10.8764°E / 50.8583; 10.8764
Construction started 930

Wachsenburg Castle (German: Veste Wachsenburg) is a castle in Amt Wachsenburg in the Ilm-Kreis, Thuringia, Germany. It is one of the Drei Gleichen, three hilltop castles east of Gotha. It was originally built in the 10th century. The castle was extensively reconstructed in the 17th and 19th century. The well-preserved castle (most recently restored in the 1990s) now houses a museum, a hotel and a restaurant.

It was built by Hersfeld Monastery. The castle is approximately 93 meters deep.[1] During its history, Wachsenburg Castle has had its fair share of troubles. In 1441 a notorious robber baron took control of the castle and made it his base for his raids on the merchants of Erfurt.[2]


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