GT 18, Bürgerpark Marzahn

WHH GT 18 is a type of standard residential high-rise building in East Berlin. The architects Helmut Stingl and Joachim Seifert developed this building type from 1969 until 1971 in large panel construction for mixed-use housing in Berlin.

The acronym refers to the type WHH (Wohnhochhaus, residential tower), the GT stands for Großtafelbauweise (applied large-panel construction), and 18 for the number of storeys. The building is a detached house or high point under the name of WHH GT 18/21 double as high-rise with 21 floors, with a load level of 6.3 tonnes. Depending on the version, it contains 136 or 296 apartments. It is one of the largest large panel construction types in the former GDR.

The first building of this pattern was erected in 1971 at the Holzmarktstraße in East Berlin. With the redevelopment of Fischerinsel modified grades of this series were built. From 1972, they were used in almost all East Berlin housing estates. As a contrast to the mostly 11-storey building with buildings of WBS 70 these buildings should set a high-rise urban dominant. It was built at key intersections or in the vicinity of transport such as subway or train stations.


Gt 21/18, Oberweißbacher Straße, Berlin


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