Władysław Wróblewski

Władysław Wróblewski
Prime Minister of Poland (provisional)
In office
4 November 1918  11 November 1918
Preceded by Józef Świeżyński
Succeeded by Ignacy Daszyński
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
4 November 1918  14 November 1918
Preceded by Stanisław Głąbiński
Succeeded by Leon Wasilewski
Minister of Foreign Affairs (provisional)
In office
13 December 1919  16 December 1919
Preceded by Ignacy Jan Paderewski
Succeeded by Stanisław Patek
Personal details
Born 21 March 1875
Died 19 August 1951

Władysław Wróblewski (Polish pronunciation: [vwaˈdɨswaf vruˈblɛfskʲi]; 21 March 1875, Kraków – 19 August 1951, Łódź[1]) was a Polish szlachcic, politician, scientist, diplomat and lawyer. He is notable as the last provisional prime minister of the German-controlled puppet state of Regency Kingdom before Poland regained her independence in 1918.


Władysław was the son of Wincenty Wróblewski and Waleria (née Bossowska) and brother od lawyer, Stanisław Wróblewski. He was from noble family of Lubicz coat of arms.[2]

Wróblewski was a notable lawyer and docent of administration and administrative law at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. On November 4, 1918, after the withdrawal of Józef Świeżyński's provisional government, Wróblewski was chosen by the Regency Council to act as the head of a new temporary provisional government.[3] As the situation in Poland was changing rapidly, Wróblewski chose not to appoint his own ministers and instead continued the job of his predecessor, with the same set of ministers. The last meeting of his government took place on November 11 of that year, when all powers were ceded to Józef Piłsudski, who got back from prison in Magdeburg Fortress earlier that day.

On November 18 all ministries were taken by the new government of Jędrzej Moraczewski and the Regency Kingdom ceased to exist, giving way to the reborn Republic of Poland. Afterwards he remained an active member of the Polish administration, initially as an undersecretary of state at the Council of Ministers and later as a diplomat. Among other posts, he was the Polish ambassador in London and later in Washington. Between 1929 and 1936 he headed the Bank Polski, the state bank of Poland. [4]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Józef Świeżyński
Prime Minister of Kingdom of Poland
Succeeded by
Jędrzej Moraczewski
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