Władysław Dziewulski

Władysław Dziewulski

Portrait published in 1973
Born 1878
Died 1962 (aged 8384)
Nationality Polish
Occupation Astronomer, mathematician
Known for Rector of Batory University

Władysław Dziewulski (1878 February 6, 1962) was a Polish astronomer and mathematician. He spent most his life performing astronomical research, and published over 200 papers.[1]


He studied mathematics and astronomy in his native Warsaw. Then in 1902 he went to the University of Göttingen in Germany to complete his education. In 1903, he was named as an assistant at the astronomical observatory in Kraków that belonged to the Jagiellonian University and in 1906, he gained his Ph.D. there.[2] In 1919, he became a professor of the Batory University in Vilna and director of its Astronomical Observatory. He was also the rector of Batory University in 1924–25. Later he moved to Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He spent the last part of his life in Toruń.

He focused on the gravitational perturbations of minor planets, movements of stellar groupings, and photographic photometry.

The crater Dziewulski on the Moon is named after him, as is the Wladyslaw Dziewulski Planetarium in Toruń.


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