Vratislaus I, Duke of Bohemia

Vratislaus I
Duke of Bohemia

Depiction in the liber depictus, Český Krumlov, c.1360
Reign 915–921
Spouse(s) Drahomíra


Noble family Přemyslid dynasty
Father Bořivoj I, Duke of Bohemia
Mother Ludmila of Bohemia
Born c.888
Died 13 February 921
Buried St. George's Basilica, Prague

Vratislaus (or Wratislaus) I (Czech: Vratislav I.; c.888 – 13 February 921), a member of the Přemyslid dynasty, was Duke of Bohemia from 915 until his death.


He was a son of Duke Bořivoj I of Bohemia by his wife Ludmila and the younger brother of Duke Spytihněv I. Around 906, he married Drahomíra, a Hevellian princess, to establish close ties with the Polabian Slavs. Vratislaus had at least two sons, Wenceslaus and Boleslaus, both of whom succeeded him as Bohemian dukes. Some historians believe that Střezislava, the wife of the Bohemian nobleman Slavník, founder of the Slavník dynasty, was also the daughter of Vratislaus.[1]

Upon the death of his elder brother Spytihněv in 915, Vratislaus became duke at a time when the Bohemian lands around Prague Castle had already distanced themselves from the political and cultural sphere of Great Moravia and fallen under the influence of East Francia, especially during the rule of Duke Arnulf of Bavaria. The contemporary Annales Fuldenses report that already in 900 the Bavarian forces had attacked Prince Mojmir II of Moravia in alliance with the Bohemians. On the other hand, Duke Vratislaus offered the Hungarian invaders free passage and supported their 915 campaign against the Saxon duke Henry the Fowler.

Vratislaus is credited with the establishment of St. George's Basilica at Prague Castle and also with the foundation of the Silesian city of Wrocław (Vratislavia). He died in battle against the Hungarians, possibly in 919, although 921 is more often conjectured.


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Vratislaus I, Duke of Bohemia
Born: c.888 Died: 13 February 921
Preceded by
Spytihněv I
Duke of Bohemia
Succeeded by
Wenceslaus I
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