Vojin (magnate)

For the fellow magnate, Vojin of Drama, see Vojihna.
Vojin of Gacko / Vojvoda Vojin
Војвода Војин
Duke of Gacko (Hum)
Reign 1322-1347
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Altoman


Titles and styles

Lord of Gacko
(Serbian Empire)
Family Vojinović
Religion Orthodox Christianity

Vojin of Gacko or Vojvoda Vojin (Serbian: Војвода Војин; fl. 13221347[a]) was a Serb voivode (military commander, Duke) and magnate (velikaš) that held the province of Gacko, also known as Hum (in modern Herzegovina), in ca.1322-1347, serving King Stephen Uroš III Dečanski (r. 1322–1331) and Emperor Stephen Dušan the Mighty (r. 1331-1355). He is described as one of the most important nobles (velmoža) of King Stephen,[1] and when the King and his son Dušan entered a succession war, Vojin supported the son.[2] Vojin plundered Dubrovnik in August 1325,[3] and took part in the Battle of Velbazhd (1330), and the southern military campaigns of the Serbian Empire.

Vojin is the eponymous founder of the Vojinović noble family, which eventually became one of the most powerful families as provincial lords during the fall of the Serbian Empire. His sons Altoman and Vojislav were recognized as overlords of the Hum region (Herzegovina). His daughter Vojislava married nobleman Brajko Branivojević.[4]



  1. ^ Time: He is first mentioned during the rule of Stephen Uroš III (1322–1331), and is succeeded by his son in 1347/1348. The date of his death is unknown.


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